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Smooth daily life

Defender of education and family well-being

I want to continue my work to defend education and school resources. The aim is to have a more humane, equal and sustainable policy in Lahti, both socially, ecologically and economically.



🔻Smooth daily life of families and low threshold support

🔻The well-being of children and young people

🔻Adequacy of school resources

🔻Equal and healthy school path for children

🔻Urban culture and innovative green industry



🔜preventive low-threshold services for families to support everyday life and educational work

🔜 resources and low-threshold forms of mental health services for children and young people

🔜 The day-care center principle

🔜 investing municipal economy in know-how and well-being

🔜 investments in research and product development in Lahti's know-how and university network



🔙restoration of the subjective right to early childhood education

🔙Hobby guarantee as a top goal in Lahti

🔙An issue of authorization for child and adolescent mental health services

🔙 a free contraceptive initiative for those under 25 years of age

🔙 Lahti Against Bullying emotional skills training and material package

🔙 defended educational resources and demanded equality

🔙 contributed 1mill. additional resources for helping students with special needs in primary schools

🔙 listened to and helped parents

🔙 Toured schools and kindergartens, listening and learning


I am still available for this job. I hope I will continue to be worthy of your trust. 🌹

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